Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Let's ponder....

Links to the articles talked about in this post

Sumedh Mungee's: http://india.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/22/why-i-left-india-again/

Chetan bhagat's: http://www.chetanbhagat.com/blog/2011/10/24/happy-diwali-and-why-i-am-still-here/

In past few days, I have been wondering if education makes us a better human, or it's just a myth.

This is when I came across two thought-provoking articles by Sumedh Mungee and other by Chetan Bhagat sir, which was actually a reply to Sumedh Mungee's post. First of all, i would like to applaud both the gentlemen for putting across their views, because otherwise we could have never started this debate or would have looked at ourselves thinking, "Are we actually a better human?"
Now, both these gentlemen belong to the group of privileged ones, and by that I mean the people who have worked hard enough to deserve the money they earn. Chetan Bhagat, even if you don't consider him a good writer, but still you'll respect him for the fact that he cracked both IIT and IIM's entrance examination. Something most of us can just dream off, whereas Sumedh Mungee also held a high post at a reputed organization, again not a small thing.

Now, with these positions, they have also gained a power to run away wherever they want or to keep servants and say, "My servants have all luxuries."

Let's talk about Mr. Mungee, he's a perfect case of the American dream, studied and worked hard so he can party even harder in USA. And then suddenly he thinks that he has a responsibility towards his motherland, a place he didn't trust enough while looking for a job. And why should he when he's getting a better salary and living condition somewhere else. I guess most of us would do this, wouldn't we?
However, then why come back? Because you think, India has developed enough, and you've earned enough money to afford all the luxuries in this developed India? So that you can comment about the conditions faced by average Indians while sitting in your air-conditioned office. Moreover, you find something wrong in those conditions because obviously, it's different from 'America'. So, you pick up your bags and leave, which is again not a bad thing as an honorable and beautiful life is every person's right. Moreover, the country which made you the person you are, can't be trusted to be good enough for your children, the people who gave you the education to excel in the western world would surely be dangerous enough for you and your family to settle down. This country has made a mistake, i.e. by never teaching you that to clean your home you have to pick up the broom.
But hey, that sounds wrong, right? How can you do it, since you expect a maid to take care of your home and children and therefore, expect the other, not so privileged ones, to take care of India so that it can be good enough for respectable people like you to settle down

What if the conditions in USA become the same as India? Will you run away again?

The second person we're going to talk about is Mr. Bhagat, a brilliant writer(I consider him as one), he too wrote a post saying how wrong Sumedh Mungee is. Chetan Bhagat gave his own example that he left India as well for 11 years, settled down in Hong Kong, earned enough money to guarantee him a luxurious life in India, after which he came back to his motherland. And it’s a good thing if our brilliant minds come back and settle down in their homeland.
Mr. Bhagat wrote a beautiful post, about how one should treat another class of people, popularly known as "His maids," oops did I call them maids? I shouldn't because Mr. Bhagat hates it when someone calls his helpers as maids except himself.

Nevertheless, these are some small issues, what we should notice here is, even though he hates traffic but instead of encouraging public transport he goes on gifting 'his servants' a new vehicle every now and then. Because he can afford that, he can do anything as long as he has a reason to justify himself.

And what a justification it was, he takes care of his maids and therefore, he has earned the right to hire maids and servants. Just like Britisher had all the right to rule over us, in return they gave us such beautiful structures and architecture, plus they also brought the industrial revolution to this country. So, according to Mr. Bhagat even they were right in ruling over us as long as they took care of us.

So tell me sir, if someone makes you, their slave and gives you all the small luxuries, would you be able to accept it?

And yes your maid’s (i mean your helper's) daughter ran away because she wanted freedom.

P.S. Unfortunately, the writer of the post hasn't hired a maid. Maybe because he still doesn't earn enough to justify his decision by providing them with enough small luxuries. Nor is he fortunate enough to run away from the problems mixed in his homeland's soil.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Concerns of a Common Indian Citizen !!!

Jan Lokpal Bill: what's it, how it will change the country, is it good for us, will it make the situation even complex etc etc, these are just few of the points on which people have made different theories. And amidst all this, I a common man, who wants to stand there for my country on the streets, is confused. What I don't know is if standing on the streets will make a change? If it does that there's no one happier than me, but what if it doesn't. What if this movement turns out to be a dud? What if the enthusiasm drains out after 10 days? What if everyone involved in this movement realize that they have responsibilities to fulfill, the ones which are more important than nation(for them)?

Today, I went to one such demonstration in Pune. For 5 minutes i shouted slogans, and then i turned to some people standing next to me. Those were the people who have been supporting Anna since 9th April Anshan. This is what i asked and what they replied.

Me: Kya aap jante hai woh points jahan Jan Lokpal Bill, government ke Lokpal Bill se achcha hai. (Do you know how Jan Lokpal Bill is better than Government Lokpal Bill)

One of them: Hum bas ek baat jante hain (we just know one thing), "Anna nahin ye andhi hai, desh ka dusra gandhi hai."

Me: Aapko kya lagta hai kaise ye corruption iss bill ke wajah se kaise khatam hoga, aur kya ye bill sachchi mein corruption khatam kar payega.(Do you know how this bill will end corruption. And will it actually going to end corruption?)

The person: Anna ne kaha hai 60 percent corruption khatam hoga, Anna jo bhi kar rahe hain sahi kar rahe hain. Agar Anna ne haan kaha, toh main haan kaha. (Anna said it will end 60 percent corruption, he's doing the right thing. If he said yes it will end corruption, then it's a yes from me.)

I was shocked, it was something that immediately made me shiver thinking about the outcome. Here's the youth of the country which is putting blind faith in Anna Hazare without even knowing what they're standing for. They just know one man out there, who'll do the required and all they need is to keep supporting him.

I am scared.

I am scared about what will happen, if that man in which they have put all their faith fails. I am scared what will happen if in the end somehow the bill is not passed. I am scared what will happen the day people will not be enthusiastic enough to sit in the fast(in case it goes on too long). I am scared about the day what will happen after the fast/candle marches/anshans, because I know the corruption can't be removed by just protesting.

If you want to pass in the exam, you can't do it by going for candle marches.

I am scared about what will happen once the bill is passed, people will go home celebrating and then one day we'll realize that it's not working the way we wanted. What'll we do, because right now we are setting an example that corruption will end with protests and everything can be done by the government. But what we don't realize is that the government is made by the people, if we are corrupt then pass 1000s of bills, our government will still end up being corrupt. What these people won't realize that more than the bill, our right of voting in the elections is a more important issue.

What i am also afraid of is, a major part of these protests are kids, small kids. What we are showing them that the answer to every major hindrance is protests. I am sure most of those kids have seen their parents give small bribes, and one day they're seeing them protests on the streets against the corruption. I don't think those kids will grow up thinking that we can end our problems by being strict with officials. They'll just think that we'll have to protest all the time, we'll have to blackmail our democracy by sitting on fasts.

I have read the bill and i won't say i have understood it all, but from what i have understood is that it will help. But it will target higher officials in the government, it won't target our daily bribes, it won't target auto rickshaw drivers asking for 20 Rs extra. It won't target the extra money we give to get a gas connection or telephone connection fast. It won't target the money we give in return for exam paper. This way the small bribes become bigger and in the end become the money stocked up in Swiss banks.

It won't target any of these, because these things can only be stopped by our actions. But do these people understand this? Do they understand protest is just a way, and not the solution?

As an optimistic Indian, i hope they do.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Tales of Bhanu : The Priest's Secret - 2

"So Thakur sahab, what are the plans for today.", Thakur Dayal's friends asked.

"I'll be taking you all on a long drive in my new car.", Thakur Dayal told his friends.

"What you've got a new car?", one of them questioned.

"Yes, dad has got me a Mercedes for successfully completing my education in England.", Dayal said.

"That's great Dayal, you're one lucky bastard.", and they all started laughing.

Dayal promised to meet them later that evening and then he would take all of them on a long drive.

Later that evening:

"Wow, look at his car.", Dayal's friends were discussing amongst themselves while looking at his new car. It has left everyone awestruck, as none of them had seen a Mercedes before that.

"Are you guys just going to stare at it, or someone wants to experience the real magic? Come on inside.", Dayal said.

His friends sat in the car and they were all excited. One of them had brought a few bottle of liquor and they opened it to celebrate.

Dayal too was enjoying, the road was empty and therefore, he was driving the car at a high speed. He too had few drinks and was a little bit high. Everyone was enjoying the ride, they were playing loud music and the car's speed is giving them the adrenaline rush.

Immediately they felt a jolt.

"Dayal stop, i think we have hit someone.", one of them said.

"Don't worry it must be animal, these annoying animals should know when to cross the roads and when not to cross it.", and Dayal continued driving while humming under the effect of alcohol.

"Dayal we hit a man.", one of the friend who was sitting next to him said.

"What? Are you sure?", Dayal immediately hit the brakes and turned the car.

It took them 5 minutes to reach the spot. All of them got out of the car and started examining the area where the accident happened.

"Guys come here.", one of them exclaimed.

All of them ran towards him, there was a man lying at the side of the road in the pool of blood. His head was bleeding continuously, and one his leg was twisted badly.

They checked for his pulse.

"He's dead.", one of them said with a look of horror on his face.

Dayal was in a state of shock, he wasn't able to believe what happened. "What will we do now?", he wasn't able to think of anything.

"Dayal, you leave for the home. It’s pretty dark out here, and I guess there’s nobody around. We'll take care of all this, meet us in the morning tomorrow. And don't tell anyone about it.", one of the friend said and asked Dayal to leave.

Dayal was very scared, he went back home and silently parked the car in the garage. He made sure that no one sees the dent in his car by covering it. He went to his room, and slept. He didn't want to think about anything, he was numb and just wanted the night to end.

Next morning,

"What happened?", Dayal asked as soon as he met his group of friends.

"Don't worry we took care of him."

"Thank you so much guys, you don't know how scared I was last night.", Dayal explained.

"Don't worry, you're our friend. No problem can even touch you while we're there. Just make sure that you take care of us now.", one of them said.

"What do you mean?", Dayal was confused.

"Well, just some money. And no one will ever come to know about it.", the friend said.

"Don't worry you'll get the money.", Dayal replied. He was relaxed, as he doesn't have to worry about the accident anymore.

"By the way do you know who that guy was.", Dayal questioned.

"Yes, he was a farmer. His name was Gopi Kumar, he's from this village only. Don't worry, nothing will happen. We'll manage.", they assured him.

After that, he got the dent repaired and when the mechanic asked, he said that he banged into an electricity pole while parking the car.

In next few days, Dayal tried to recover and he was able to forget about the journey. He just thought of it as a bad nightmare and continued enjoying with his friends. To divert his mind, he started helping his father in village related duties.

"Dayal, i want you to visit a house in the village. You will have to collect the land's papers and pay them the money. I have given the address to the driver, he'll take you there", the Zamindar told Dayal.

"Ok dad.", and Dayal left for the village.

Village was 10 kms from the Dayal's house and he had to take the same route. He closed his eyes and pretended to take a nap. He didn't want to see the same spot where accident happened, even though he never thought much about the accident but it still remained in his mind.

"Sahab, we've reached.", driver said. Dayal looked out of the window and saw they had entered the village. He was a bit relieved after crossing that spot and entering the village.

"How far is the house from here?", Dayal asked.

"Sahab, you've to go to that house with yellow paint. I won't be able to take the car till there, so you'll have to walk.", driver gave him the directions.

"Don't worry I'll manage.", Dayal said.

Dayal got down the car and walked towards the house. He liked the village, it reminded him of his childhood memories when he used to come there to play cricket with his friend. He spotted some kids playing cricket in a nearby field, he also loved the village environment. For some reason he always felt at peace in the village.

"Is anyone there?", Dayal said while knocking the door.

A boy opened the door.

"Yes, who's this.", the boy asked.

"Namaste, Zamindar has sent me. He told me that i've to collect some land papers from you.", Dayal said.

"Have you got the money?", the boy questioned.

Dayal replied in affirmative.

The boy went inside to get the papers. Suddenly, a girl came at the door and started staring at Dayal. Dayal smiled at her, he loved kids and he remembered he bought a chocolate on the way. He took out the chocolate and gave it to the girl, the girl first hesitated but then took it. There was a big smile on her face, she thanked him and ran inside.

"Here are the papers.", boy had brought the papers. But he asked Dayal to give the money first. Dayal felt a little bit awkward.

"My dad asked me to take money and then give the papers.", the boy explained. Dayal smiled and gave him the money.

The boy started counting the money as Dayal examined the papers.

Suddenly he spotted something,

Name: Gopi Kumar

To be continued....

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Tales of Bhanu : The Priest's Secret - 1

"Mo, we should go out somewhere. I am getting bored in summer vacations.", Bhanu said.

"No dear, your dad has office and you still have to finish your summer vacation homework.", his mom replied.

"But mom none of my friends are here, what should i do?", Bhanu questioned in an upset tone.

"Go out, make new friends.", she replied.

Bhanu was not satisfied with the answer, but still he picked up the cycle and left the home.

Bhanu a class 8th student was having his summer vacations, and none of his friends was around. It had been like this for 10 days and he started getting bored, and that day he had nothing to do. He just roamed around on his bicycle until he reached near the Hanuman temple.

He loved the temple, especially because he always felt calm while sitting in the corridor of the temple. He parked the cycle against a wall, took out his Enid Blyton novel from the cycle carrier and proceeded towards the temple's corridor.

"Hello Bhanu, how are you today." asked the temple's priest.

"Namaste Pandit ji. I am fine and how are you.", Bhanu replied.

"I am fine son. I see you're again getting bored today. You should make new friends.", priest said.

"No one talks to me, but i have friends. You're my friend and also the head priest. Hey where is the head priest?", Bhanu asked.

"He is resting in his chamber.", priest replied.

Bhanu stood up and proceeded towards the backside of the temple, where priests’ chamber was located. It was a small room with basic furniture and portraits of various deities.

"Namaste pandit ji.", Bhanu said as he entered the room.

"Hello Bhanu, what a surprise. Come inside.", head priest replied.

"What happened you're looking a bit nervous today?", Bhanu questioned.

"Nothing I was just thinking about something today.", head priest said.

"What were you thinking about, tell me.", Bhanu was curious.

"No, leave it. It's an old story.", head priest answered.

"It's ok, anyway i am getting bored today. So, i'll listen to your story.", Bhanu said.

"Ok so listen."


This is the story of Bindiya Kumar(Bindu), Ramesh Kumar(Ramu), their father Gopi and Thakur Dayal.

There was a village Haripur and Thakur Dayal was the son of the Zamindar. He had just returned from England after finishing his studies and all day used to roam around, or boast about his degree amongst his friends. He was a brat.

On the other hand, Gopi was a farmer and had a small patch of land, but it was enough to support his family that consisted of Bindu and Ramu. Gopi's wife died in an accident 3 months after the marriage. He never married again but instead adopted Bindu and Ramu, he loved both of them a lot.

Gopi studied until 7th standard and had to leave the school due to family pressure, therefore, he decided that he'll make sure Bindu and Ramu finished their education.

Ramu was 15 yrs old, he was in 9th standard. He was a very mature guy. He used to take care of the house and his sister when their dad used to be out of the station. He also gave tuitions to some of the village kids, to help Gopi financially.

Bindu was a 10 yr old girl, she was in 5th standard. A typical village girl, she was very naughty and loved to play pranks on his brother. Bindu knew how to cook, and every day she used to help her father in cooking the dinner/lunch. She learned cooking from Gopi only.

Overall, they were a happy family. Ramu and Bindu were obedient kids, whereas Gopi was a loving father and was very fond of both of them. He wanted both Ramu and Bindu to get a good job after completing their education; therefore, he got them admitted into a school unlike the kids of many other farmers in the same village.

One day Gopi came back from his work early, and called Ramu.

"Son, I have to tell you something important.", Gopi said.

"Yup dad tell me.", Ramu replied.

"I have got a good job in the city, and therefore, very soon i'll be leaving. They are going to pay me 5000 Rs a month which is almost 3 times more than what i earn here.", Gopi explained.

"That's a great news dad, you can leave without any worries. I am there to take care of the house, our land and Bindu. If you want i can leave the school."

"No Ramu, i don't want you leave the school. I'll keep sending you the money every month which will be enough to run the household expenses. Plus, i'll be selling the land, which in turn will be enough to finance yours and your sister's education till class 12th.", Gopi told him his plans.

"But dad, is it really necessary to sell the land. That is the only thing you have except this house.", Ramu looked worried.

"Nothing is bigger in front of my two kids, and i want to secure your future. Selling the land will make sure that both you will complete your schooling.", Gopi answered.

"Ok dad, as you say. But dad, when will you be coming back, how many vacations will you get. How will we remain in contact with you?", Ramu questioned.

"Don't worry son, i'll be writing letters to you and whenever i'll get a chance. I'll phone at the PCO next to the kirana store. And I’ll be visiting you in every few months or will call you to the city.", Gopi replied.

"Ok dad. Anything else you want me to take care of?", Ramu asked.

"Yes son, I want you to take care of some papers kept in my cupboard. Give them to the Zamindar, he'll come to our house next week to pay the money. But give him the papers only after he gives you the money. Tomorrow i want you to accompany me to the bank, i'll get you accustomed to the proceeding and we'll open a bank account where you can deposit the savings and the money from the Zamindar.", Gopi said.

For next 3 days Gopi explained Ramu everything, and prepared him to take responsibility of himself, his younger sister and the house. Gopi didn't know when he's going to call Ramu and Bindu to the city, he didn't know how the job would turn out to be. But he made sure that he'll make the future of his children secure. He didn't want to leave them but he was doing it so that he could earn some extra money and ensure a better life for his children.

On the 4th day Gopi left for the city.

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Hey guys sorry for a delay, was caught up with some work. Well, next part of Tales of Bhanu will be coming very soon.

Next story's name is Priest's Secret, and its first part will be here on blog by tomorrow morning.

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Tales of Bhanu : The legend of Corba - 5

Bhanu closed the letter, he wasn't surprised as he had already met Corba few days ago when he went to save the tourists.

"Sir, what are you thinking?", RDX asked while driving the jeep.

"Nothing, I was just reading this letter.", Bhanu replied.

"Your girlfriend sir?", RDX questioned again.

"No, my grandfather gave it to me. He wrote about his experiences in the jungle, so that i can learn a little bit from it.", Bhanu said with a smile.

"Your grandfather, oh Ram Avtar Sir. You know, he too had asked me to drop him to the jungle in this jeep. He was a very brave man. I heard that he expired the day before you joined, I was very upset when i came to know about it. In fact, all of us were upset, as we all respected him a lot. You know sir, even you're as brave as him.", RDX said.

"Thank you Ravi, but I am nothing in front of my grandfather. He was my inspiration and only because him I am in Corbett Park today. To fulfill his dream of saving the wildlife from the poachers.", Bhanu replied.

"For sure sir, for sure you'll be successful."

"Tak taka tak kamla...", RDX started singing a Kumaoni song to lighten up the mood.

"Hello Bhanu Pratap.", Bhanu got a message on his walkie-talkie.

"What is your position?", the voice on the other side asked.

"I have just crossed Garjiya.", replied Bhanu.

"Bhanu this is Mukesh Ahlawat, and there have been some illegal activities going around here. I guess someone from our staff is also there. I am giving you the location, note it down and reach as soon as possible.", the voice said.

Bhanu took out his pad, noted down the location, and asked RDX to increase the speed of the jeep. They were just 25 minutes away from the location.

"Sir, if you want even I can help you. An officer left his gun in the jeep today. I can use it.", RDX said.

"Are you sure?", Bhanu asked.

"Yes sir.", RDX replied.

Bhanu and RDX reached the location in 15 minutes, as RDX's knowledge about the shortcuts around the region helped them in cutting short the journey time.

"Are you sure this is the place?", Bhanu asked after getting down the jeep.

"Yes sir, i have taken the correct shortcut. I made sure to stop the jeep a little bit away from the location.", RDX said.

Both of them picked up their rifles and started walking towards the location. It was afternoon time and there was ample sunlight, they had no problem in walking through the dense forest.

"Wait, i think someone is there.", Bhanu stopped RDX and both of them hid behind a bush. Bhanu waited to see if there's any more movement in the bush before proceeding.

"Stay here RDX, I’ll go have a look. Wait for my signal.", Bhanu told RDX.

Bhanu proceeded towards the bush while making sure his boots made no noise.

"Mukesh, is that you.", Bhanu asked.

"Bhanu I have been hit.", Mukesh replied in a feeble voice.

Bhanu immediately rushed towards Mukesh and also signaled RDX. Mukesh was bleeding as he had been hit on his shoulders. Bhanu asked RDX to rush back to the jeep and get the first aid box. RDX complied.

"Bhanu i'll bandage myself, don't worry about me and listen to what i am saying. While patrolling through the forest today I encountered a group of poachers along with 2 two dead tigers. I also spotted a forest ranger among them.", Mukesh said.

"Who was it?", Bhanu was surprised.

"I didn't see his face but i recognized him with his dress. And the gun he was carrying, i have seen that gun somewhere in the office. I don't remember who owns it.", Mukesh replied.
"Tell me, will RDX be able to help us?", Mukesh asked.

"Yes, he will. He found a gun lying in his jeep and by chance i have been carrying few extra bullets with me today.", Bhanu said while trying to tie a bandage around Mukesh Ahlawat's shoulder.

"Bhanu we don't have enough time, they have spotted me and i think they are searching for me. This is a blind spot where we are hiding, they won't be able locate us here. But we have to search for them, we have to find out who is the forest ranger amongst them.", Mukesh said while eating a painkiller.

"Whenever you're ready, we'll proceed.", Bhanu said and told RDX to brace himself for the encounter.

Bhanu, RDX and Mukesh got up, slowly they proceeded towards the denser part of the jungle where they assumed that poachers were hiding. During all this while, Bhanu dropped his red handkerchief near a tree.

"Stop, there they are.", Mukesh said while pointing towards a spot surrounded by bushes. They spotted seven men standing there, they were talking amongst themselves, maybe were making some plan. One of them looked very angry, he was the one wearing forest ranger's uniform.

"Take cover. We'll have to surprise them with our attack.", Bhanu said while taking cover behind a tree and asking Mukesh & RDX to do the same.

"On 3, start firing.", Mukesh said.

"1----2-----3", Mukesh gestured through his fingers and they fired.

The poachers were taken by surprise and they made one of the poachers their successful target. Bhanu hit one of the poachers in the eye, RDX's bullet hit the forest ranger in the leg but he leapt towards a bush immediately. Mukesh too hit a poacher in the shoulder but he too was able to take cover like the remaining poachers. They shot dead one but 6 were still left.

Poachers also started firing towards them, and due to the large tree behind which Bhanu and co. were hiding none of them was hit.

Bhanu and Mukesh returned fire, RDX was making sure that he supplied bullets to both of them whenever they needed.

"Ahh...", suddenly a bullet hit Bhanu in the thigh.

"Bhanu are you alright.", Mukesh and RDX asked in unison. “Yes i am fine, do not lose your cover or we'll be dead.”

Bhanu regained his stance and returned fire. It was getting tougher for three of them to fight against the poachers, they had the semi-automatic rifles against the automatic rifles of the Poachers. Moreover, they were three against six of them.

"Bhanu, your granddad had always created problem for us. However, this time, i won't let you trouble us. In fact, you won't be able to trouble us anymore. It won't be long before one of our bullets will end your and your friends' lives.", someone shouted from the poacher's side.

"I know this voice.", Bhanu thought.

"Rajesh Rawat, he's the chief forest ranger Rajesh Rawat.", Mukesh said in disbelief.

"We know it's you Rajesh Rawat.", RDX shouted in a voice full of his newfound bravery.

"Ohh, RDX even you're there. I doubt if a forest guide will be able to operate a weapon.", Rajesh Rawat's said in a sarcastic tone.

"Ask the bullet lodged in your leg Rawat.", RDX replied.

Suddenly, a bullet came and pierced RDX's shoulder.

"How about that RDX?", Rajesh said and the poachers again opened firing.

Mukesh pulled RDX towards him in time before the barrage of bullets pierced the other parts of his body.

"Are you alright RDX?", Bhanu asked.

"I am fine Sahib, the bullet just hit my shoulder not my heart. There is still a lot of life left in me. I'll show them what a real pahaadi is like.", RDX said and picked up his rifle.

"Bhanu i don't think we'll be able to defend against them for a longer period of time. There are very few bullets left.", Mukesh spoke.

"I don't care about the bullets sir, but i promised my grandfather that i'll fight for this forest till my last breath.", there was an anger in Bhanu's voice.

"But how are we 3 going to defend against 6 of them?", Mukesh asked.

"We are not 3 anymore.", Bhanu replied.

"What?", Mukesh was confused.

There was a smile on Bhanu's face.

"Look behind you."


"Bhanu, Bhanu wake up. It's 8 AM"

"What is this granddad? I was watching a wonderful dream and you woke me up.", Bhanu said in an upset voice.

His grandfather laughed and asked him to get ready for their morning jog.

"So, Bhanu what were you watching?", grandfather asked.

"I saw i am fighting poachers just like you.", Bhanu replied.

"Oh, and so did you defeat them.", he asked.

"No, you woke me up before that.", Bhanu answered and they both started laughing.

"Bhanu, tomorrow your parents are coming from Delhi. Then you'll be going back, therefore i won't be able to celebrate your birthday with you. Do you want anything as a gift from me?", grandfather asked.

"Just give me your blessing that I'll also become a brave man like you. I want to fight against crime and kill all the bad people.", Bhanu replied.

"That's a very nice thing to say for a 12 yrs old boy. I am happy to know about your wishes, but guess what? I have brought a binocular for you. I think you wanted them."

"Thank you Dadaji.” and Bhanu hugged him.

Next Day:-

"Dadaji, do visit us soon?", Bhanu said while leaving.

"I will son, very soon. Now, rush as your parents are waiting near the car or you'll be late.", grandfather said.

He hugged him and ran away towards the car. He waved at him until the car did not get out of the colony.

"Good Morning Ram Avtar Sir.", just then the news paper guy came on his cycle and wished Ram Avtar.

"Good morning son.", Ram Avtar replied while taking the newspaper from him.

He opened the newspaper, and like every morning, he checked the main headline.

"Chief Forest Ranger has been arrested for helping the poachers enter Corbett National Park."

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Tales of Bhanu : The legend of Corba - 4

Bhanu opened the 3rd letter:-

"Bulls eye", those were the first words that came out from my mouth as I hit one of them just under the left shoulder.

The other two guys, jumped towards the nearby bushes to take cover and also to examine from where the bullet came. However, before they could take cover, the second bullet from my rifle hit one of them in the leg.

"Ahhh....", the man whom i shot was lying near the Corba and maybe counting his last breath. But i didn't want to take a chance so I just remained behind the tree and waited for their next move.

Even before i could make a clear sketch of the other guys' locations, two bullets whizzed past me. They knew where I was hiding and started firing towards me. Both of them had AK-47 while I was carrying a rifle and 4 bullets out of them 2 were already gone. Moreover, while taking cover I had dropped my Pistol near the tree, but attempting to pick that pistol would have been a suicide mission at that moment.

For next 5 minutes, I remained hidden behind the tree and those two guys kept shooting, I was waiting for them to make mistake. A little movement from my side could have killed me as both of them knew my position but I wasn't sure about theirs. While the third guy remained lying on the ground shouting in pain.

"Ahh..... save me guys.", the third guy lying on the ground shouted.

"Boss stay there, or he'll know.....", that distraction was enough for me to know about first guy’s position, and my time in army had already made me a sharp shooter. I shot him right between his eyes even before he could complete his sentence.

Now, only two guys were left and I had just one bullet. I knew I had to kill the other guy hiding in the bush, so that i could catch the third one before he dragged himself towards the weapon.

I inserted the last bullet in my rifle and readied myself for the next move, i knew i had only one chance or else his bullets would hit me. We both knew each other's position and waiting for someone to make a mistake. He knew if I had waited for some more time then the third guy would have reached to the weapon lying 10-15 feet away from him. While I knew i just had one bullet left.

Within few second I turned around and almost pressed my trigger, what i saw was something I wasn't able to believe. Corba had somehow freed himself, and was holding the second guy by the neck. The guy was almost choked and it seemed that he would pass away at any second.

"Leave him", i rushed towards the spot realizing the guy held by Corba could cause no harm as he had already dropped his gun.

Corba looked towards me, maybe to understand what I was saying. I made few gestures suggesting him to leave the guy or he might end up killing him. Corba threw him towards me, and i held the guy by the collar.

"Sahib, please don't kill me. Please don't kill me. I'll tell you everything you want to know.", the guy said while pleading for his life.

"Tell me what?", I asked.

"About who is behind all this. I'll tell you the name of the person who's letting us into the forest.", the guy said.

"Are you sure?", I questioned.

"Yes Saaaaa.....", I heard a loud noise and the next thing i realized that i was holding the lifeless body of the guy.

The third guy, whom I ignored all this while had reached to the gun and instead of aiming towards me by mistake he shot the other guy. I immediately turned around and shot the third guy before he could fire another bullet to end my life.

All three of them were dead, before one of them could tell me about the corrupt officer amongst the Forest Rangers.

I looked towards Corba, he too was looking towards me. I felt a sense of happiness in his eyes, even though he couldn’t speak like humans but his body language showed that he was happy. In addition, he did something that proved it.

Corba came running towards me, and hugged me. He also started licking my hair. I too hugged him.

"Ram Avtar, where are you Ram Avtar?", I could hear someone shouting my name.

I heard a few footsteps and knew someone was coming. That meant i had to hide Corba or else everyone would come to know about him, something that i never wanted.

I made a few gestures and Corba ran away in time before Rangers arrived.

"Are you fine? And what is this, what happened here.", one of the forest rangers asked.

"Same story, few poachers, luckily i found them. And I attacked them.", I replied.

I searched their pockets along with the other rangers, we didn't find any evidence just some money and bullets. We picked up the three bodies and started walking towards the jeeps. While walking back I felt something moving behind one of the bushes. I looked back and there he was, 2 big eyes of Corba were looking at me. I waved back at him and made sure no one noticed the wave.

I knew i had made a friend in jungle. And he turned out to be someone whom I could always count on.

That's how me and Corba became friends. Moreover, there were many other incidents too when he saved my life, or vice versa.


Bhanu always remember that in the jungle you need a friend. And i have made sure you find that friend in Corba.

Take care son. My blessings are always with you.

Your Grandfather

To be Continued.... (Last part tomorrow)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Tales of Bhanu : The legend of Corba - 3

“How can this be possible?” was my first thought . There he was. Corba was standing near a cave like structure. In addition, I saw the kid was lying unconscious nearby.

My first thought was to save the kid somehow. Then I saw something unusual, there were fruits lying nearby the kid and the kid was lying on a padded bed. That meant the creature wasn’t going to cause any harm to the child. If spotting the Corba wasn’t weird enough, I was seeing him taking care of the kid. I thought if he didn’t want to cause any harm then why did he kidnap the kid?

I climbed down the tree, but before coming down I made sure that none of the other rangers were around because I knew if any of them spots him with the kid then they’re going to shoot him and may end up provoking him. A provoked animal, as he was looking like to me, can do anything, might even cause harm to the kid. So as soon as I climbed down the tree, I made sure that I don’t make too much noise. I walked towards the place where Corba and kid were. It was getting darker due to the weather. As soon as I reached near the cave I left my gun under a tree; I had hidden it so that Corba didn’t see it because if he had, then maybe he would have attacked me. I felt if he could exhibit human qualities then maybe he might see me as a danger with a gun in my hand.

As I proceeded towards the cave, I noticed the kid was awake and as soon as he saw me, the boy ran towards me. After that something happened which I couldn’t have imagined.

Along with the boy, Corba also charged towards me, he stopped as soon as the boy hugged me. He also asked Corba to stop. There it stood, 7+ feet tall a half man and half monster in front of me. For a second, I felt like taking out my pistol that I always kept with me for close encounters, but I felt something in its eyes. You can always sense a person’s intentions from his/her eyes and it happens with an animal too. There was no aggressiveness in it. It felt like Corba knew I meant no harm to it, which was true. I just wanted to take the kid back and the kid was happy to finally see a human.

“Uncle have you come to take me home?” the boy asked in a feeble voice.

“Yes beta.” I answered.

“Where is mumma and dad?” he asked

“They are waiting for you.” And we started walking towards the jeeps. I had already informed the other rangers that I found the kid. I asked them to be near the jeep, so that they can take the kid back to his parents. I didn’t want to go back, I wanted to leave the kid with rangers and come back to meet Corba again.

“Uncle who was that man who saved me?” the kid asked.

“Saved you? Didn’t he pick you up from the car?” I questioned.

“No uncle, I fell down from the car. I shouted but nobody listened to me, then I felt a severe pain in my head. After that I slept and when I opened the eyes I saw him sitting next to me. First I shouted loudly because I was scared, but you know he also got scared and then he offered me fruits to eat. Then only I understood that he is a good guy, and when you came to take me home I realized he is your friend and he only called you to pick me up.”, the kid innocently replied.

One thing was clear, that the myth about Corba wasn’t a myth anymore. During my journey back to the jeep along with the kid, I explained him how he was our secret ranger and his location shouldn’t be disclosed. I asked him to keep it a secret and not to disclose it to anyone. I later explained the other rangers that he fell down from the car and got lost in the forest while searching for a way out. I left the kid at the spot where all the rangers were standing and asked them to proceed without me; I told them to leave a jeep for me to return back as I had an unfinished business to take care of.

I started walking back towards the same spot where I met the Corba, and then I suddenly remembered that I forgot to pick up my rifle which I hid behind the tree. I thought I would do it later, as I didn’t want to scare Corba with a rifle in my hand. As soon as I reached towards the spot, I heard some noises. At first I felt maybe they were some animals, but I was wrong.

“Sir, look at it.”, a man said.

“Hey is this the one everyone used to talk about, is he that monster. If he is then we are going to be very famous.” another man replied.

“But sir, we have to take care. We are not allowed in this area and if anyone catches us with him and the tiger’s body then we are screwed. We have to be very careful here.”, someone else said.

I hid behind some bushes to get a view of what was happening. Cobra was lying unconscious and three men were sitting around him, maybe examining his body. I immediately targeted the man sitting in the middle with my rifle; this time I made sure I had the real bullets in the rifle.

And I pushed the trigger….

To be contd..

(This story was also published in 21fools.com at http://21fools.com/above-18/manohar-kahaniyan/434-the-legend-of-corba-part-iii)

Friday, June 17, 2011


Tales of Bhanu : The legend of Corba - 2

“Sahib ji, sahib ji”

“Ah huh”, Bhanu opened his eyes and felt a severe pain in the forehead.

“Sahib ji what happened to you? I just came and saw you lying down here in the bushes”, guide said.

“I don’t know what happened”, Bhanu replied and immediately got up. He looked through the bushes; the jeep was still there but neither tigers nor the tourists. Even HE was not there.

“Where are they?” Bhanu questioned.

“The rangers have come and rescued those tourists. One of them is no more and the other one was unable to speak due to the shock. He just said there was a man who came and took away the tigers with him. I think he is in shock because of his friend’s death. I mean how can someone tame those ferocious wild tigers? Moreover there was no one here except you”, guide replied.

“Yes, you’re right. I think I slipped and hit my head on this stone. Anyway it’s already late. Let’s leave before we become food to some other wild animals”, Bhanu said while walking towards the jeep after picking his double-barreled gun.

“Sahib ji, you’re very lucky. At this hour, any animal would have attacked seeing you lying unconscious”, guide said.

Bhanu just smiled, he knew nothing would have happened. He saw those shining eyes staring at him through the leaves of a tree, while walking towards the jeep.

He clearly remembered the events, after Corba tapped on his shoulder; he took the red cloth around his neck and smelled it. After that, he smiled while looking towards Bhanu. He was still unable to understand whether Corba was a human or an animal. He had never seen a 7+ feet creature with the body full of hair. He looked more like a chimpanzee or a bear. However, he walked with a straight back like a human.

After meeting him, Corba proceeded towards the tourists through the bushes and Bhanu followed him but tripped. He fell down and hit his head on a stone. That was the last thing he remembered about that first meeting with Corba.

Later in staff quarters

“Sir, this is your room”, the attendant said while keeping his luggage in a well-lit and ventilated room.

Bhanu gave the attendant a 100 Rupee note to get him a bottle of whiskey. After that he proceeded towards the window and opened it. A cool breeze was blowing outside, the sound of the crickets and the howls of foxes were making a different kind of jungle music along with the leaves rustling in the breeze. He almost forgot about his grandfather’s death which happened only one day ago , amidst what all had happened since evening.

“Bhanu Pratap Singh”

He immediately turned around to welcome this new visitor into his room.

“Hello Sir, I was about to visit y...”, the man cut him short.

“No, let me have the privilege of meeting this brave forest ranger. Like grandfather like grandson. He also fought the challenges bravely, and just like you he also saved people from tigers many a times”, Chief Forest ranger, Mr. Rajesh Rawat said.

“Sir, your whiskey”, the attendant knocked the door of the room.

“Arrey Raghu, keep the whiskey on the table. Go to my room and bring the double malt. I will drink with Bhanu tonight.”, Mr Rawat said.

“But Sir..”

“I know you need someone to be with you, I got the news about the demise of Ram Avtar Sir. Tonight we’ll talk about him, I have many memories of the time I spent under him in this forest”, he intervened Bhanu again.

Bhanu was uncomfortable around Rajesh Rawat, he had heard the stories about how he had enormous wealth and he bought a Rs 2.5 million car for his college going son. However, more than that Bhanu wanted to be alone; he wanted to read those letters his grandfather had given him.

Few days later

Bhanu started to settle well into his new job. He was assigned the region, which he along with his team of rangers had to take care of.

“Hey where is everyone today? I have to go to Dhikala and there are no jeeps around”, Bhanu enquired.

“Sir today is the Kartik Purnima and everyone has gone to Garjiya Temple. The fair is starting from today”, the person replied.

“So, is there anyone around?” Bhanu asked.

“Yes, there is one guy. Hey RDX, sahib ji wants a jeep.”

Bhanu saw a man coming towards him. He guessed that it was a guide. However, when he came near them, Bhanu recognized him. He was the same person who drove him into the jungle the day he met Corba.

“Sir, I can drop you”, RDX replied.

Bhanu picked up the bag and sat in RDX’s open roofed Maruti Gypsy. Bhanu was carrying his grandfather’s letters that day in the bag. He wanted to read them as soon as possible, but he wasn’t getting anytime in past few days.

“Why did he call you RDX?” Bhanu asked.

“Sir, actually RD is the short form of my name Ravi Dobriyal. And every Diwali I get free crackers for these people, so they call me RDX.”, RDX replied with a smile on his face. Bhanu too laughed after listening to the logic behind his name.

He opened the bag and took out his grandad’s letters. He opened the one numbered as ‘2’


Hello beta(son),

I hope you have read the instructions I had written in the first letter. Now is the time to tell you the story about how I met that creature, Corba. I know you still don’t believe me, but it’s true and one day you’ll also meet him. I hope that day comes soon and he recognizes you.

Around 20 years ago in 1980, it was the time of June and we were all getting ready for the monsoons. The time when they close Corbett Park for the tourists. I clearly remember that day was very cloudy. We expected the rains to come after 15th June but they have arrived 10 days earlier.

We advised all the guides and the tourists to return early as the weather was not looking suitable for safari rides. Plus it had already started getting dark around 1400 hours and inside the jungles, it gets even darker. It was turning out to be a nice and slow day but we were all on alert in case there was an emergency and there was.

I was having my lunch around 1415 hours and immediately the phone started ringing. There was an officer on the other side who he said that a child had gone missing from a jeep. He said that the incident happened when apparently the jeep was moving and not when it was stationary. It was the first time I came across something like that. Yes, wild animals do attack small children but pulling away one from a moving jeep was weird. I wondered where his parents were all this while. He replied that they were going through a dense part of the forest and within a minute all this happened when the child’s parents diverted their attention towards some wild animals instead of their own child.

Anyway, I took my jeep and proceeded towards the part of the jungle where the incident happened. Four Rangers were already there. We decided to divide in 3 groups of 2-2-1. I decided to go alone, as I was very familiar with that area and knew the places I can use to survive in case of an attack by wild animals.

The dense forest was making it look like late evening. It was so dark that I had to switch on my torchlight. As it had rained a few minutes ago, it was almost impossible to locate the pugmarks of the animals; therefore, we weren’t able to find out which way the child would have gone. I continued the search, cutting through the dense forest and finding my way through the shrubs. I thought of climbing up a tree, so that I can get a clear view of the activities going on in the area from above.

As soon as I reached the top of the tree and looked towards the northwest direction, I located the child. He was safe and secure, but there was no animal around him. I was surprised, but at the same time I felt a sudden sense of urgency because I felt it could have been poachers who had kidnapped him.

I was wrong.

To be continued..

(The story was also published in 21fools.com @ http://21fools.com/above-18/manohar-kahaniyan/398-the-legend-of-corba-part-ii)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Tales of Bhanu : The legend of Corba - 1

I want to talk to Bhanu,” Ram Avtar Singh said.

A tall and lean person entered the room. Even though he was 22 years old, he had the features of a 12 year old. There was a thin strip of moustache above his lips and army cut hair. There was stiffness in his walk.

“Dadaji aapne bulaya.” (Did you call me grandfather?)

“Yes, but first close the door. I want to tell you something important.” Ram Avtar said in a feeble voice.

Bhanu immediately obliged, the swiftness in his actions was visible to his grandfather. He noticed it and felt good about it. He was satisfied that the eligible person will be replacing him as the forest ranger of that particular area.

Bhanu closed the door and sat near him while holding his hand.

“Son, my condition doesn’t allow me to speak much, therefore, I have written down a letter for you. But before that I want to tell you something.” Ram Avtar said.

“Yes, Dadaji.”

“I want you to just have faith in me. You might find whatever you’ll learn or might see in the next few days a little absurd. You just have to have faith in whatever I say.” Ram Avtar felt that this was the last time he would be speaking, and wanted to make the most of this opportunity.

“Dadaji, you’re the only person I have had blind faith in since childhood. I will do anything I am needed to do for my hero, for the person I have looked up to since I have opened my eyes.” a faint smile appeared on Ram Avtar’s face after hearing Bhanu’s reply.

“Remember I told you a story about a man who saved me from four tigers and then again from a tusker?” Ram Avtar said.

“Yes Dadaji, I remember. But why are you talking about those stories right now?” Bhanu was confused.

“Believe me, those were real. And now I want you to take the red cloth out of my trunk.” Ram Avtar pointed towards a trunk which contained his personal belongings.

Silently, he opened the trunk and took out the red cloth. He kept it in his pocket and returned to his place.

“Bhanu I have told you all that I could and the rest is written in these three letters. I want you to read them during your journey to Ramnagar.”

Bhanu nodded and took those letters.

“It’s time for you to leave, just remember that no matter what happens he’ll [AR1] be with you. Bhanu, my son, my love will always be there with you, but I have to go now.” And Ram Avtar closed his eyes. He knew Bhanu would be in safe hands and he would take care of Bhanu in the times of trouble.

Bhanu sat there for sometime looking at the person who used to be his hero once but now lying down in front of him while waiting for death to overpower him.

Two hours later, the doctor declared Ram Avtar dead. It was 12 PM. After performing all the necessary rituals Bhanu walked out of his house at 4:30 PM the next day. There was a jeep waiting for him in the receding light of the sun. It was mid- November; winter had already arrived, and days were getting shorter.

It was a 30 minute journey from his native place Kashipur to Ramnagar, where the Corbett National Park’s headquarters are located. He took out the letters from his bag, all of them were numbered and he opened the one with ‘1’ written on it.

He started reading the letter. His grandfather had written down all the instructions concerning surviving in a jungle. Being a Chief Forest Ranger, he had already asked the staff in Corbett to take extra care of his grandson and he had written about the safe exits in the jungle. He read the letter with utmost attention and reached the last paragraph that was written in different colored ink. He found it awkward and started reading.

“Son, now I have given you as much information as I can to help you during your stay in Corbett. But there is one secret there which is still left. Remember I used to tell you the stories about a man who saved my life twice, those were true. Yes, he actually exists and he is the one who saves animal or stops people from killing them. All those theories about him are true, but except me no one else knew about him. He gave me that red cloth, which I would have given to you before my death. Always tie that cloth around your neck before entering the jungle and he will recognize you. I have shown him your pictures, and I hope from now onwards he’ll take care of you. Always remember, my blessings are with you and now the jungle is yours, take care of Corbett. Save it from all the troubles.”

Bhanu put the letter inside his pocket as the jeep entered the headquarters’ compound. He wiped his tears while getting down from the jeep but the expression of disbelief stayed on his face. He was finding it hard to digest the facts his grandfather had written down, but then Ram Avtar always told him the truth.

“Bhanu get inside the jeep fast, we have to leave.” the other guide came running towards him.

“What happened?” Bhanu was finding it difficult to keep up with the pace of the situation.

“I’ll tell you everything on the way, but right now we have to go into the forest. We don’t have much time.” the guide replied.

Bhanu jumped into the jeep and they proceeded towards the jungle. It was 5:25 PM and sunlight was receding plus the trees around the road were making it look darker. They had to switch on the headlights while entering the jungle.

Corbett National Park-one of the biggest tiger reserves and his new home. Bhanu looked around, he had been to this place many a times before, in fact he knew most of the ways around the jungle but this was the first time he was in charge of this jungle. As soon as they entered the jungle, a herd of deer rushed past them.

Guide explained the situation to him; there were three British tourists who had taken special permission to film Wildlife inside Corbett. While filming, a tiger attacked one of them and they were stuck.

“I never expected tigers to come towards this part of the jungle, I have never seen them doing so.” the guide said.

“So, now what are we going to do.” Bhanu asked.

“There are two guns on the back seat. When we reach the point, we might have to shoot the tigers if they’re around. And once we have shot them, they’ll be unconscious for an hour or so and in this receding light we have to work fast. Who knows what might happen out there, THE JUNGLE HAS NO RULES,” the guide replied.

Bhanu felt a chill passing through his body, there was an adrenaline rush inside him. He was not scared, in fact he always loved being around animal-, something which he had learned from his grandfather. It took them half an hour to reach that part of the jungle where the tourists were stuck. They saw the headlights of the tourists’ jeep, but more importantly, they heard the roar of the tigers.

“Oh shit it’s not just one! I think there are more tigers out there.” Tension was visible on the guide’s face.

“What do you want us to do?” Bhanu asked.

“I think we have to wait until the other rangers arrive in the next 15-20 minutes.” the guide said while trying to hide his fear. He was scared because he was just a guide and was not fully prepared for the situation. He hadn’t thought for a second and had immediately rushed to the scene as soon as he heard the news. Fortunately he had a forest ranger with him.

“Aaaaaa….” they heard a long shriek which was followed by a gunshot and few more tiger roars.

“We have to go now.” Bhanu said picking up his gun.

“Are you sure? We should wait for the Rangers to come.” the guide said.

“You stay here, because we need someone to inform others about the situation in this area.” Bhanu told him and proceeded.

Bhanu immediately took out the red cloth from his bag and tied it around his neck. He knew that if his grandfather was right then that would be the situation when he needed that man’s help the most.

Bhanu slowly walked towards the tourist’s jeep. He was trained to walk without making any noise. He had already marked the trees which he might have to climb in case the situation went out of control. The last few rays of the sun were percolating through the dense forest. He knew that in a few minutes he would have to rely on his ears until his eyes grew accustomed to the dark. There was an eerie silence in that part of the forest, which made him feel that a big herd of tigers was present near the jeep. He had no idea how he would face those tigers. In the next 3 minutes he reached near the tourists’ vehicle and hid behind the shrubs in order to move out of the view of the tigers. He moved the leaves a little bit, to view the situation.

There was a covered jeep, around which two tigers were standing. He saw an injured tiger lying near the jeep and a tourist was pointing a gun towards the tigers from inside the jeep. He saw the blood around the shot tiger and realized that gun had the real bullets. He immediately wanted to rush before they shot the other tigers, but he saw 6 more tigers entering the fray. He took a step back, and realized the situation was much graver than he had imagined. The jeep couldn’t move as one of its tyres was stuck in the mud. Moreover, none of the tourists inside the car could come out because of the tigers. More than the tourists, he wanted to save the injured tiger but he knew that if he tried going towards the injured one then other tigers would attack him.

Bhanu was unable to make a decision, and suddenly he felt a tap on his neck. He felt a hand moving on the red cloth tied around his neck. He immediately turned around to find someone looking right into his eyes.

There he was- 8 foot tall standing in front of him, while looking at Bhanu with his bloodshot eyes. It was difficult to decide after looking at him whether he was a human or an animal. The creature slowly touched Bhanu’s face and a tear dropped out of the creature’s eyes. Bhanu was too dumbstruck to think about anything, he just stood there looking at the creature. Now he knew whatever his grandfather told him was true, whatever news channels or people said was true, those theories and villagers’ stories were true.


To be continued….

(This story was also published in 21 fools magazine http://21fools.com/above-18/manohar-kahaniyan/381-the-legend-of-corba )
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