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“Raj I am pregnant.” Riya said.

“So should I go and dance on the road.”, Raj replied rudely.

“What happened baby, you are going to be a father.”, she said.

“Abort the child.”, there was anger in Raj’s voice.

“You and me, we both decided that this year we will have a child. No you can’t do this.”

“No, I have lost my job and we have to save the money. Bhad mein gaya bachcha, I don’t want one. It is better if you also understand this.”

“No I am going to have a child. And you can’t stop me this time.”

“I will stop you, you are my wife and you have to listen to me. Abort the child, we are not in a good financial condition.”, Raj was getting frustrated.

“Bye I will be leaving tomorrow, I am going away. I will give birth to this child, our child. It is your wish, if you want me accept this child or I will be going forever.”, Riya shouted and went into her room.

Raj was standing there, tense about her wife’s decision. He had been fired from the job, plus lost a large amount of money in his dad’s operation. He too wanted a child but not at that moment. However, he knew that Riya was not going to falter from her decision. He kept on thinking about a way to stop her, things have to go according to his plans, the plans he devised 5 years ago during the marriage.

I cannot let all the plans go in vain, I have to do something. I have to stop her; I do not want her to destroy my life. She cannot ruin my future. He thought and proceeded towards the fridge.
He took out the bowl of milk, poured the milk into a glass and made cold coffee for Riya, it was her favorite and he knew that nothing could stop her from drinking cold coffee. Then he proceeded towards the almirah, and took out something. He knew this thing would help him in securing his future.

He mixed that rat poison into the cold coffee. While he was about to call Riya, he looked at their picture. It was 10 years old. The picture was clicked 1 month after the best day of his life. The day when ….


“Raj get up beta. You have to leave for the college. Today is your last day.”, his mom shouted at him.

He sprang out of the bed; he had made a plan for that day. He wanted to do something he was trying to do since past 4 years. He took bath, wore his best dress and got ready in the best way he can. Took out his new bike and left for the college.

He reached college in half an hour. He proceeded towards the farewell function, and searched for her. The girl whom he liked since the first day in college, the girl he used to think about every night from last 4 years. He tried confessing his love to her many a times, but every time he used to get nervous. However, that day he was determined, he would confess his love and would do everything necessary. Then he proceeded towards her with a rose in his hands.

“Hey Raj, you are looking handsome today. I know today is a special day for us, but seems like it is extra special for you.”, Riya said.

“Riya”, he knelt down in front of her, “I love you, Riya.”, he said. “I love you since the day I first saw you in the college, Riya I always wanted to tell you but was never able to. I know I am foolish and an idiot but I grabbed my last chance and I am proposing you. Riya you remember, all those letters, cards and song dedications, it was me only. Riya I have always loved you since the first day in college, Riya I want to be yours forever. We have been friends but now I want to take our relationship to the next step. Riya…”, while Raj was speaking, Riya started walking.

She was going; she was not going to attend the farewell. Raj shouted and her friends too but she was not going to stop, she was going home. After realizing, this Raj ran behind her. However, before he could stop her, she stepped into the bus. Raj ran behind the bus, he forgot that he had his new bike. He just ran behind the bus, he kept on calling her name.

The next bus stop was 2 Kms away, Raj did not know what gave him the energy but he knew that his love was true and he did not want to lose Riya. As soon as the bus stopped at the next stop, he entered into it. He was all sweaty but was happy that at last he caught the bus and would tell Riya how much he loved her. But to his horror, Riya stepped out of the bus at that stop only.

“ Shit.”, he exclaimed and jumped out of the moving bus. He rolled twice on the road and nearly missed an oncoming truck. He spotted Riya crossing the road, and ran towards her. His elbow was bleeding, he was in the shirt only, he had thrown his blazer. He did not care about his appearance, he knew his love for Riya is much important than his appearance.

“Riya stop.”

“Raj what are you doing here, what has happened to you why are you bleeding.”, Riya got tense.

“Leave all this, Riya. I just want to tell you that I love you a lot, and will always keep you happy.”, and he again knelt down in front of her.

“Raj I can’t accept your proposal, my family is conservative.”, she replied.

“I am marrying you, not your family. Are you conservative?”, he asked.

She smiled and said, “Yes, I love you too Raj.”

He felt as if he was flying, he hugged her and kissed her in front of everyone on the road. Everyone clapped, they both were laughing, and he wanted to dance with her at that moment. Moreover, at that moment, it started to rain. It felt even god is happy; they both loved each other a lot. And he thanked god for making that day the best of his life.


He took the picture and smiled. Tears of remorse filled his eyes, he felt like a fool, he cursed and abused himself.

How can I think of killing her, she is the best thing that has happened in my life. We will have this child, I will work hard and earn lots of money. Riya is all what I have, Riya is my love and I can never make her sad. He thought and with teary eyes moved towards the window.

He looked towards the sky and said sorry to god. And promised to take care of Riya forever. As he was going to turn around to throw cold coffee down the sink….

“Baby, I am sorry. I know we should not have this child right now.”, he was shocked after hearing Riya’s voice all of a sudden.

“Hey you made cold coffee for me.”

“Noooo’, he shouted.

But till then half the glass was down Riya’s throat. He ran towards her, she fell on the ground. She looked towards him and just asked




“Raj sahab aaj aap khush bahut hoge. 15 saal baad choot rahe ho”, the jail’s gatekeeper said.

Today after finishing his punishment term, he walked out of the jail. Happiness was far away from him, he just looked towards the sky. The sun was blazing, and it felt even sky is punishing him. He was not expecting anyone to receive him and there was no one there. He walked towards the next bus stop; he did not know where to go. He had no destination; he did not have a home. He just kept on walking, thinking about what all happened 15 years ago. He knew even if he is out of the prison, but he can never ESCAPE those painful memories.

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The Fool said...

Back with one more Raj and Riya chronicle? Missed your Raj and Riya chronicle last Blog-a-ton, man. It is nice your able to write a Raj and Riya story on every topic. But one question. Why does Riya always have to die?

dmanji said...

Am I first ? :) ... Nice tale of having loved and lost... good one...

Truck Driver said...


ya man i never noticed it.... don know it happens.... dun worry will kill raj next time :P


thanks man :) ... na sorry u r the second one

Pranav said...

Just 15 years for homicide? Ohnoes.

- The Virgin Author! said...

LOL! Yes. Please kill Raj the next time. But, anyway, I liked it. Liked the concept. WELL WRITTEN, dude. Seriously! :P

PS: Visit http://bit.ly/shewasenough

khushi said...

money and career.. dats wat boys want... n den dis is wat happens.sad story wid a sad ending :|
but well written...

Vikas Khair said...

Good Job.

Gyanban said...

Such is the irony of life...when you want something you dont get it, and then when you get it...it has no meaning....

nice post.

geeta said...

Sad ...but such is life..
Well written

All the best for BAT 10

Leo said...

very sad take.. but yeah, such is life..
well narrated TD.. all the best for BAT10


Farila said...

Awww.. can the ending be changed?

Mahesh Kalaal said...

quite sad...though the photo episode is interesting...

Sureindran said...

Sad. He shouldn't have done that.

You are a creative story-teller and I will love to see this in a movie form.

Sureindran R. - Escape

Nethra said...

That was one bollywood style story. :) By the way, it was nice, but a sad ending.

Mehak said...

awesome story! all the best for bat!!

Karthik said...

Just when everything was about to become all right, some tragedy happened. Couldn't you have given a positive ending? Well, then again, maybe it wouldn't have been this good. :)
Very well narrated, man.
All the best!

Shilpa said...

very sad... just when everything seemed right :(

Shilpa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vipul Grover said...

Kahani bahut filmi hai.. this blog-a-ton, it seems like many of us are paying a tribute 2 bollywood.. interesting read :)

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