Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back to bedlam !!!

Hey guys the Truckdriver is back :)

Well, finally i am back, and not that i have completely stopped writing during these months. It's just that i got bored of blogging and took out sometime to sort out my life, understand myself a bit more. I have been through some relationship troubles, made new friends, became active on this platform known as Twitter. Learned quite a few things, opened a startup called "The Smiling Planet", have been a part of a very amazing group called #skypegig, 15 of us who meet almost every night, we chat, have fun and jam together.

During this time i have also been completing a novel, with which i started this blog and joined an online magazine called the 21 Fools. Organized a weekly meet for Indiblogger called #inditweetmeet alongwith Sneha Sharma and so on, life has been pretty interesting during past few months while i was away from this blog.

The only reason why i used to blog earlier i.e. the story (he was normal) is now being turned into a novel. So, i had to stop writing the further parts in this blog and hence i stopped writing as the "Truckdriver89". Anyway, the story is almost complete and will go into editing period within next few days.

Well for the newcomers, this is Abhinav Chandel aka Truckdriver89, i have this weird Pseudonym because being a Truckdriver was my first aim in the life. Therefore, just used it to define myself as a person who loves his freedom, would roam anywhere he wants and take breaks during his journey whenever he wants.

During my last stint as blogger, I evolved as a story writer. In fact, for the first time in my life I learned that even I can write. And this time I want to evolve myself and turn into more than a story writer. Hence, except stories I’ll also be writing about some random observations i make in my life. Will try writing some articles which i never thought I’ll be doing on this blog. Moreover, even though the Riya's story is no more on this blog, I’ll be starting a new story series called "The Adventures of Bhanu"

It's my birthday today, and again i want to proceed towards a new part of my life. I know this blog is going to play a big role in it.

Cheers to the newness in the life !!! :-)


Addy said...

Happy Birthday dude! And Happy coming back! Good hai!

FAROOQ said...

well i'm a newcomer sirji. looking forward to ur write-ups. :)

Farila said...

Happy Birthday to you....
Remember to send me a copy when you have it in print.. it is not fair to make me read half of it and keep guessing.

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