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Tales of Bhanu : The Priest's Secret - 1

"Mo, we should go out somewhere. I am getting bored in summer vacations.", Bhanu said.

"No dear, your dad has office and you still have to finish your summer vacation homework.", his mom replied.

"But mom none of my friends are here, what should i do?", Bhanu questioned in an upset tone.

"Go out, make new friends.", she replied.

Bhanu was not satisfied with the answer, but still he picked up the cycle and left the home.

Bhanu a class 8th student was having his summer vacations, and none of his friends was around. It had been like this for 10 days and he started getting bored, and that day he had nothing to do. He just roamed around on his bicycle until he reached near the Hanuman temple.

He loved the temple, especially because he always felt calm while sitting in the corridor of the temple. He parked the cycle against a wall, took out his Enid Blyton novel from the cycle carrier and proceeded towards the temple's corridor.

"Hello Bhanu, how are you today." asked the temple's priest.

"Namaste Pandit ji. I am fine and how are you.", Bhanu replied.

"I am fine son. I see you're again getting bored today. You should make new friends.", priest said.

"No one talks to me, but i have friends. You're my friend and also the head priest. Hey where is the head priest?", Bhanu asked.

"He is resting in his chamber.", priest replied.

Bhanu stood up and proceeded towards the backside of the temple, where priests’ chamber was located. It was a small room with basic furniture and portraits of various deities.

"Namaste pandit ji.", Bhanu said as he entered the room.

"Hello Bhanu, what a surprise. Come inside.", head priest replied.

"What happened you're looking a bit nervous today?", Bhanu questioned.

"Nothing I was just thinking about something today.", head priest said.

"What were you thinking about, tell me.", Bhanu was curious.

"No, leave it. It's an old story.", head priest answered.

"It's ok, anyway i am getting bored today. So, i'll listen to your story.", Bhanu said.

"Ok so listen."


This is the story of Bindiya Kumar(Bindu), Ramesh Kumar(Ramu), their father Gopi and Thakur Dayal.

There was a village Haripur and Thakur Dayal was the son of the Zamindar. He had just returned from England after finishing his studies and all day used to roam around, or boast about his degree amongst his friends. He was a brat.

On the other hand, Gopi was a farmer and had a small patch of land, but it was enough to support his family that consisted of Bindu and Ramu. Gopi's wife died in an accident 3 months after the marriage. He never married again but instead adopted Bindu and Ramu, he loved both of them a lot.

Gopi studied until 7th standard and had to leave the school due to family pressure, therefore, he decided that he'll make sure Bindu and Ramu finished their education.

Ramu was 15 yrs old, he was in 9th standard. He was a very mature guy. He used to take care of the house and his sister when their dad used to be out of the station. He also gave tuitions to some of the village kids, to help Gopi financially.

Bindu was a 10 yr old girl, she was in 5th standard. A typical village girl, she was very naughty and loved to play pranks on his brother. Bindu knew how to cook, and every day she used to help her father in cooking the dinner/lunch. She learned cooking from Gopi only.

Overall, they were a happy family. Ramu and Bindu were obedient kids, whereas Gopi was a loving father and was very fond of both of them. He wanted both Ramu and Bindu to get a good job after completing their education; therefore, he got them admitted into a school unlike the kids of many other farmers in the same village.

One day Gopi came back from his work early, and called Ramu.

"Son, I have to tell you something important.", Gopi said.

"Yup dad tell me.", Ramu replied.

"I have got a good job in the city, and therefore, very soon i'll be leaving. They are going to pay me 5000 Rs a month which is almost 3 times more than what i earn here.", Gopi explained.

"That's a great news dad, you can leave without any worries. I am there to take care of the house, our land and Bindu. If you want i can leave the school."

"No Ramu, i don't want you leave the school. I'll keep sending you the money every month which will be enough to run the household expenses. Plus, i'll be selling the land, which in turn will be enough to finance yours and your sister's education till class 12th.", Gopi told him his plans.

"But dad, is it really necessary to sell the land. That is the only thing you have except this house.", Ramu looked worried.

"Nothing is bigger in front of my two kids, and i want to secure your future. Selling the land will make sure that both you will complete your schooling.", Gopi answered.

"Ok dad, as you say. But dad, when will you be coming back, how many vacations will you get. How will we remain in contact with you?", Ramu questioned.

"Don't worry son, i'll be writing letters to you and whenever i'll get a chance. I'll phone at the PCO next to the kirana store. And I’ll be visiting you in every few months or will call you to the city.", Gopi replied.

"Ok dad. Anything else you want me to take care of?", Ramu asked.

"Yes son, I want you to take care of some papers kept in my cupboard. Give them to the Zamindar, he'll come to our house next week to pay the money. But give him the papers only after he gives you the money. Tomorrow i want you to accompany me to the bank, i'll get you accustomed to the proceeding and we'll open a bank account where you can deposit the savings and the money from the Zamindar.", Gopi said.

For next 3 days Gopi explained Ramu everything, and prepared him to take responsibility of himself, his younger sister and the house. Gopi didn't know when he's going to call Ramu and Bindu to the city, he didn't know how the job would turn out to be. But he made sure that he'll make the future of his children secure. He didn't want to leave them but he was doing it so that he could earn some extra money and ensure a better life for his children.

On the 4th day Gopi left for the city.


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