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Tales of Bhanu : The Priest's Secret - 2

"So Thakur sahab, what are the plans for today.", Thakur Dayal's friends asked.

"I'll be taking you all on a long drive in my new car.", Thakur Dayal told his friends.

"What you've got a new car?", one of them questioned.

"Yes, dad has got me a Mercedes for successfully completing my education in England.", Dayal said.

"That's great Dayal, you're one lucky bastard.", and they all started laughing.

Dayal promised to meet them later that evening and then he would take all of them on a long drive.

Later that evening:

"Wow, look at his car.", Dayal's friends were discussing amongst themselves while looking at his new car. It has left everyone awestruck, as none of them had seen a Mercedes before that.

"Are you guys just going to stare at it, or someone wants to experience the real magic? Come on inside.", Dayal said.

His friends sat in the car and they were all excited. One of them had brought a few bottle of liquor and they opened it to celebrate.

Dayal too was enjoying, the road was empty and therefore, he was driving the car at a high speed. He too had few drinks and was a little bit high. Everyone was enjoying the ride, they were playing loud music and the car's speed is giving them the adrenaline rush.

Immediately they felt a jolt.

"Dayal stop, i think we have hit someone.", one of them said.

"Don't worry it must be animal, these annoying animals should know when to cross the roads and when not to cross it.", and Dayal continued driving while humming under the effect of alcohol.

"Dayal we hit a man.", one of the friend who was sitting next to him said.

"What? Are you sure?", Dayal immediately hit the brakes and turned the car.

It took them 5 minutes to reach the spot. All of them got out of the car and started examining the area where the accident happened.

"Guys come here.", one of them exclaimed.

All of them ran towards him, there was a man lying at the side of the road in the pool of blood. His head was bleeding continuously, and one his leg was twisted badly.

They checked for his pulse.

"He's dead.", one of them said with a look of horror on his face.

Dayal was in a state of shock, he wasn't able to believe what happened. "What will we do now?", he wasn't able to think of anything.

"Dayal, you leave for the home. It’s pretty dark out here, and I guess there’s nobody around. We'll take care of all this, meet us in the morning tomorrow. And don't tell anyone about it.", one of the friend said and asked Dayal to leave.

Dayal was very scared, he went back home and silently parked the car in the garage. He made sure that no one sees the dent in his car by covering it. He went to his room, and slept. He didn't want to think about anything, he was numb and just wanted the night to end.

Next morning,

"What happened?", Dayal asked as soon as he met his group of friends.

"Don't worry we took care of him."

"Thank you so much guys, you don't know how scared I was last night.", Dayal explained.

"Don't worry, you're our friend. No problem can even touch you while we're there. Just make sure that you take care of us now.", one of them said.

"What do you mean?", Dayal was confused.

"Well, just some money. And no one will ever come to know about it.", the friend said.

"Don't worry you'll get the money.", Dayal replied. He was relaxed, as he doesn't have to worry about the accident anymore.

"By the way do you know who that guy was.", Dayal questioned.

"Yes, he was a farmer. His name was Gopi Kumar, he's from this village only. Don't worry, nothing will happen. We'll manage.", they assured him.

After that, he got the dent repaired and when the mechanic asked, he said that he banged into an electricity pole while parking the car.

In next few days, Dayal tried to recover and he was able to forget about the journey. He just thought of it as a bad nightmare and continued enjoying with his friends. To divert his mind, he started helping his father in village related duties.

"Dayal, i want you to visit a house in the village. You will have to collect the land's papers and pay them the money. I have given the address to the driver, he'll take you there", the Zamindar told Dayal.

"Ok dad.", and Dayal left for the village.

Village was 10 kms from the Dayal's house and he had to take the same route. He closed his eyes and pretended to take a nap. He didn't want to see the same spot where accident happened, even though he never thought much about the accident but it still remained in his mind.

"Sahab, we've reached.", driver said. Dayal looked out of the window and saw they had entered the village. He was a bit relieved after crossing that spot and entering the village.

"How far is the house from here?", Dayal asked.

"Sahab, you've to go to that house with yellow paint. I won't be able to take the car till there, so you'll have to walk.", driver gave him the directions.

"Don't worry I'll manage.", Dayal said.

Dayal got down the car and walked towards the house. He liked the village, it reminded him of his childhood memories when he used to come there to play cricket with his friend. He spotted some kids playing cricket in a nearby field, he also loved the village environment. For some reason he always felt at peace in the village.

"Is anyone there?", Dayal said while knocking the door.

A boy opened the door.

"Yes, who's this.", the boy asked.

"Namaste, Zamindar has sent me. He told me that i've to collect some land papers from you.", Dayal said.

"Have you got the money?", the boy questioned.

Dayal replied in affirmative.

The boy went inside to get the papers. Suddenly, a girl came at the door and started staring at Dayal. Dayal smiled at her, he loved kids and he remembered he bought a chocolate on the way. He took out the chocolate and gave it to the girl, the girl first hesitated but then took it. There was a big smile on her face, she thanked him and ran inside.

"Here are the papers.", boy had brought the papers. But he asked Dayal to give the money first. Dayal felt a little bit awkward.

"My dad asked me to take money and then give the papers.", the boy explained. Dayal smiled and gave him the money.

The boy started counting the money as Dayal examined the papers.

Suddenly he spotted something,

Name: Gopi Kumar

To be continued....


Farila said...

It is so sad that Gopi had to die leaving behind his beloved children

Truck Driver said...

But he made sure that their future is secure.

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